Siblings of Kids with Special Needs

Children with Autism should be given small rewards every time they give appropriate responses. These ‘reinforcers’ or rewards have to be interesting enough to a child to serve as motivation and should be based on a child’s personal interests and preferences. These rewards may help in the development of their social, language and behavioral skills. Here are some ways to effectively motivate your child.

Praising a child for every right action made or giving him another try when he gave a wrong answer are positive reinforcements that will encourage more participation from the child and open a communication line between you.

 These will help in the behavioral development of verbal and non-verbal children, which is very important as early detection can decrease future social isolation and improve communication skills.

Simple and repetitive phrases can help in developing the language skills of children with autism. It also helps them change monotone speech patterns by matching their voice to music rhythms. It can also promote social interaction by motivating them to join group activities.

Studies showed that autistic children learn faster, stay focused and are generally more behaved when fun tasks are regularly changed.

You can expect some degree of sibling rivalry, even when one child has an illness or developmental disability. But sometimes the rivalry crosses the line into abuse. If there is a chance the sibling relationship has become abusive, you should seek professional help. Talk to your health care provider about options.

You can help your kids better understand what having a sibling with special needs means to your family, and you can also help your kids figure out constructive and appropriate ways to express their feelings and make sure their needs are met.

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